10 Best Phones in India

Everyone who is looking for the best phones in India? Here it comes the 4g mobile phones that can be brought in a very cheap price! It is trending in whole world and by buying the 10 best phones in India you can guarantee great value.

Many people will like the 10 Best Phones in India and it will happen in no time. Not only that it can come in a worthy rate so is the 10 Best phones in India will get more customers due to their longevity and can last for the test of time. They are made by the experts of the technical field and be willing to sold by the sellers with wonderful agendas to create an advanced world with the next generation technology users.

The following list will be available in any store in India and it guaranteed by the professionals and common persons alike the 10 Best Phones in India. It contained all the new trending features of 4-G mobile, triple camera and huge space for all the apps that you needed. Now buck up your seatbelt and we are all going for a ride.

1.) Samsung Galaxy M30 (Metallic Blue, 3GB RAM, Super AMOLED Display, 32 GB Storage, 5000mAH Battery)

₹ 11,000.00 ₹ 9,999.00

One of the 10 best phones in India is Samsung Galaxy M30 with 4G mobile bands and memory of 32 GB ram. The feature has its own triple camera for depth censor, panorama and HDR for professional look. Many Samsung loyalist will agreed the phone created more higher productivity than it ever will be.

People rated it for the tenth spot of the 10 Best Phones in India due to its hugely brand name and greater features more than its previous counterparts. If I were you, I will give Samsung Galaxy M30 a shot! It is a high-speed mobile phone for your only use.

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Xiaomi Mi A3 (Not just Blue, 4GB RAM, AMOLED Display, 64GB Storage, 4030mAH Battery)

Rs 14,999 12,999

8th of 10 best phones in India is Xiaomi Mi A3 with great specs of 6.01″ touch display with 720×1560 megapixels. Another 4-GB phone brand from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is a Chinese production mobile company that is eager to engages the users for the highest possible of new features to partake. It is stepping its plate against the numerous latest phones that are being purchase in India. If anyone who are fond of great camera work and professional looking mobile, the 8th place in the 10 Best Phones in India is for you.

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Vivo U10 (Thunder Black, 5000 mAH 18W Fast Charge, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage)

Rs ₹ 10,990 8,990

Vivo U10 is in the 7th spot of 10 Best phones in India. It had features of 3/4 GB Ram and 13MP with 1080 camera pixels. It is a triple camera with wide, ultra-wide and depths sensor.

Vivo is back again with its U10 and their greatest features of a triple camera. Reasonable price with a high cost of value. What are you waiting for? It is a smartphone that can make your life easier and comfortable in just the touch of your fingers. To anyone who are fond of triple camera, Vivo U10 proudly presents it greatly presented with its once in a lifetime looking photos.

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Infix Hot 8

Rs 6,999

Infix Hot 8 in the 6th place in 10 Best phones in India. The 4-G mobile has. Features 6.52″ IPS LCD Display, and great triple camera work. It runs Android v9.0 (Pie) operating system.

Infix Hot 8 is a guarantee hot sell worldwide and Indians alike. It has an Android system supporting any user for their app uses. Fresh content with its display and availability of triple camera work for their users. It is selling for Indians for being the 6th place holder in the list of 10 Best Phones in India.

6.) Oppo A5s

Rs 8,451

Oppo A5s is with 10 Best phones in India with 4230 mAh battery and water-drop screen enables the users to view different options to film and enjoy every moment.

Oppo A5s is a 4-G mobile can had a long term benefits for you to purchase worthy since of the long lasting battery life and beautiful designs in the outer look to recreate a gorgeous smartphone that anyone in India know will be a rich feature. You will never regret buying Oppo with its longevity of usage and enjoy the appearance of the smartphone.

Realme C2

7.) Realme C2

Rs 6,161

The fourth spot is Realme C2 in 10 Best Phones in India. It is the most affordable Realme phone today. With 16 GB storage. And “6.1 IPS LCD Display. Everyone will love Real me C2 as the 10 Best Phones in India.

Back again with C2 Smartphone, Real me is getting its recognition as one of the Best Phones in India. Since of the phone affordability and cheap price, it is no brainier to let go of the though of a cheap high quality 4-G mobile phone today. Realme C2 is inevitably going to shake your user experience if you ever wanting to have one!

Now you have crossed the seven mobile phones of the 10 Best Phones in India. We are all going to know who are in the top 3 listed as the 10 Best Phones in India. To start our honorable top 3 we are going to let you know the 10 Best Phones in India with the next outstanding third most sought out smartphones today!

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Xiaomi Redmo Note 7

8.) Xiaomi Redmo Note 7


Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is one of the Best phones in India. The use of snapdragon 660 signifies that the phone attained flagship status. It is 48MP+5MP AL dual rear camera with enchanting outside view look.

Xiaomi again in the 10 Best Phones in India and they are not going anywhere. Redmi Note 7 is one of the best smartphones of today that are created by the Chinese advanced company. It is a breath of fresh air with anyone who willing to pay the price. Considering its affordability on the price scale, it can trap your experience to the wonderful view of the world.

9.) Realme 3i

Rs 7,951

Realme 3i is in the second place in 10 Best phones in India. Designed refined with gradient diamond design with 6.2″ Dewdrop full screen. It has Helio P60 AI processor and 13MP Selfie camera with extraordinary shots to identify smallest details even your eyelashes.

Realme is the real new deal right now in India. Getting the second spot of 10 Best Phones in India is no joke. It has an out-of-this-world design that is willing to offer you a phone with art structures on your pocket. Wonderful camera work that can detects the smallest possible little things on your photos, and it is unimaginable very cheap compared to its quality. So anyone who loves is meticulous and loves the single smallest details captured in the photography.. This phone is for you!

10.) Samsung Galaxy M2

Rs. 9,999

We started with the Samsung brand and we will end it with a bang with the another Samsung royalty!

Samsung Galaxy M2 hails as the first in 10 Best Phones in India. It is the best phone in India as of today. It is the most affordable and brand new 4-G mobile phone, has its own octa-core chip-set based on 14nm process. It is latest mobile with 6.3 inch infinity display, ultra wide breathtaking camera and 5000 mAh long lasting fast charging battery.

Samsung Galaxy will never failed your expectations to the most highly quality mobile phone possible on your fingertips. It has the most affordable price and it is worthy of giving a chance to prove its worth to being chosen as the number one in 10 Best Phone in India list.

This is the condensed list of the 10 Best Phones in India:

1.)Samsung Galaxy M2
2.) Realme 3i
3.) Xiaomi Red Note 7
4.) Realme C2
5.) Oppo A5s
6.) Infix Hot 8
7.) Vivo U10
8.) Xiaomi Mi A3
9.) Real meX
10.)Samsung Galaxy M30

So you have finished the list of 10 Best Phones in India. What are you waiting for? Go now and shop the latest grand trends of technology before they will be are out of stock! They are selling everyday and everytime.

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