5 Women in History Who Broke the Stereotypes

The world needs to free itself from generalised ideas. Like men are not supposed to cry and women belong to the four walls of a house. The better word for it is “Stereotypes”. Between two genders, the stereotypes regarding women are more in numbers and are deeply rooted. However, there are some women who broke rules way back then and challenged the social norm paving the way for women everywhere today just by doing all the right things. Therefore, here is the list of 5 women who broke the stereotypes:

Frieda Kahlo

She is one of the most influential and famous painters in history, who left the world with a lot more impact than just her paintings. She is well known for her Androgyny style. She was openly bisexual.

Frida Kahlo and the birth of Fridolatry | Art and design | The Guardian

Kahlo’s experiments with men’s clothes and hairstyle have been settings trends even until today. It was her way of breaking social norms by doing what she wanted, dressing how she pleased and loving who she desired.

Noor Jahan

Mughal emperors are well known for their contribution in Indian History, few people realise the influence that Mughal women played. She was one of the wives of the Mughal emperor Jahangir, who fell in love with her when she came to Delhi after her Husband died.

She is the first Mughal women who entered in the public sphere by her contribution in Architecture. She built Mosques, Sarais, Gardens and Markets. She followed Jahangir in his expeditions, and actively participated in court politics, and for that time, that was relatively taboo. Records say that she was a skilled huntress and once killed four tigers at one go. Not just that was a great Poetess, a garment and jewellery designer, a connoisseur of art objects and a perfume maker.

Jane Austen (1775-1817)

She was one of the famous Novelists of her time and is very well known even until today. She broke the stereotypes at the time when female authors were not at all encouraged. Some famous works are Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

Her works focused on social conditions, feminism and education. Her Novel Pride and Prejudice was filled with gender issues like patriarchy and gender superiority. It is good to see a woman pushing the social norms like that.

Savitri Bai Phule

A famous social reformer and a poet of her time played important role in women education and upliftment of Dalits. She was India’s first women teacher. She is also remembered for working fearlessly against caste-based social evils and Brahmanical Hinduism.


Savitri Bai Phule broke all the stereotypes by setting up India’s first women’s school. She stood for women education in a time when educating a girl was a taboo.

Ada Lovelace

She is known to be the first computer programmer of the world, known for working on Charles Babbage proposed general purpose computer. She broke the very typical stereotype that technical world is a man’s world.

She was called as ‘the enchantress of numbers’ by Babbage himself. Ada Lovelace day is celebrated every year on 13 October to celebrate the women engaged in science, maths and technology.

In a society where women are termed as a weaker sex, here is a big hats-off to women who broke such stereotypes, lived their lives how they wanted and are still inspiring women today to stand against the same.

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