Cold Heart

The world kept telling her that she had such a cold heart, no one could ever love her, how could she be so unbothered by romantic gestures, why is she like that.

Some even tried to convince her that she should be possessing a quality of loving others unconditionally. That’s how people will be fond of her because at the end we are all lost souls seeking for someone who can love us unconditionally.

What no one ever could figure was that she hadn’t been a person with a cold heart at all. Just a person whose heart and soul had been broken by the one she have it heartfullly to. She had kept him before her, always trying to become the best for him, giving him all she had. That innocent heart of hers believed that the person she had given her heart to would keep it safe.

Reason does not barge in the way true love they say, and maybe that’s why she hadn’t been thinking the importance of loving herself too. Once that facade of pretentious love was broken, she felt her suppressed self awoken.

She finally heard that voice within her which kept on saying ‘that she needs to live for herself too’. She felt the essence of self-esteem now gathering her shattered pieces bit by bit.

No she did not develop hatred for love in her heart. Her soul is now weak to even risk the task of loving someone now. The vulnerability and fear of being demeaned again couldn’t enable her to become her previous self. But luckily she had few, on who she could pour out her heart ,who never let that hope within her die. Hope that she would eventually find someone who would reciprocate her love truly.

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