Amazon Forest Is Burning for 2 Weeks and We Are Sleeping

Amazon forest is spread around 5.5 million km square. Right from Columbia to Brazil, it is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Factslides calculated it to be twice of the size of the entire Argentina.

Did you find these facts amusing?

News: the amusement is not going to last long. In fact, we aren’t going to last if we stay asleep. The scary truth: the world’s largest Amazon rainforest is burning. As per, the forest has witnessed 9500 fires since last Thursday. Other than Rondonio, the smoke affected Sao Paulo which is 2700 KM away from the forest.

The scariest part is Amazon forest wasn’t supposed to burn like this. “It’s an area with torrential rain that almost never burns on its own, yet the blazes have burned for more than two weeks, growing so intense that they sent smoke all the way to São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city,” wrote Umair Irfan in the article published on Vox.

Who Is Responsible for It?

Capitalism. Brazil witnessed 84% increase in the deforestation in mere June 2019. Despite that, Brazilian farmers need land because most of the deforested land is privatized. So, they burned a part of the forest to clear the land for farming.

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Even if it is forfeited in the Brazil, they still did it. The fire turned invasive and rest is right in front of our eyes. And, everyone has to bear the repercussions. In fact, BBC published an extremely shocking study which shows the increase in frequency at which Brazil has witnessed fire.

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We Are Not Innocent Either

When Notre-Dame de Paris caught fire, we managed to raise €50 million. Everyone around the world changed their profile picture and wrote poems. Whereas, for Amazon ranforest fire, we are barely aware. Except the fact that #PrayforAmazonia hashtag is trending on Twitter. And, Indian media is barely covering it.

For the record, it homes thousands of wildlife and sustains nature at its finest. It means not only it is creating a disturbance in the underground water table, it is making the air less breathable. It is making the life difficult for animals who are suffering for nothing.

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My Request

Do not take it as a trending news. It is about our future. It is about the survival – and how our next generation is gonna live their life – cursing us for making the planet inhabitable for them. ” ‘Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,’ wrote Khalil Gibran. Oh, beloved poet. You would have been heartbroken if you had witnessed it. I am sorry.

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