Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Help You with Your Studies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer to do things a human being can do: learning, navigating, and decision-making. However, when the majority of people think of AI, they think about giant robots destroying the world.

The contemporary saying of Alon Musk that the human race should fear the dominance of robots misled the masses. It turns out AI can instead help the humanity in numerous ways. It can replace soldiers in wars and save multitudes of lives. It can be a health assistant, an educator and merely a friend.

When it comes to education, technology can change the way you educate yourself. In fact, it already is doing. In the place of going to a tuition centre, you search for a YouTube channel to learn Calculus. AI can take it to the next level.

Better Explanation

Artificial reality tools like HoloLens, Oculus Rift, and Google Expedition can break the most sophisticated concepts like Relativity and Graph Theory into a visual experience. The interactive approach keeps the students engaged and keep them excited. At least, it will keep them vigil in an Automata class.

Better Analysis           

An AI’s advance algorithm can analyse a student’s strength and weaknesses by examining his performance in a repeated set of sets. Even though it cannot communicate with a learner the way a teacher(human) does, it possesses the ability to make a more accurate interpterion with a statistical approach.  

Better Guidance

It is a tedious task to go through a large pile of books to find one that is important. If one argues that there are e-books available on the internet, then one shall understand that Google’s search result is based on keywords and not on a user’s needs. On the other side, AI can find the right resources to a learner after understanding their need through an advanced analysis. Thus, AI is also a book-suggesting expert. 

Better Problem Solving

Everyone who is fascinated by mathematics knows about Fermat’s last theorem. It is a conjecture that says there is no solution to  with n>2. Over the past many decades, many mathematicians tried to come with a proof of the theorem, and in the end, Andrew Wales came with one.

This means the humanity had to wait for years for someone to frame a proof of a theorem. With that realised, it is pretty obvious to think that AI could have at least made it possible a little sooner; if not soonest. In fact, there are multitudes of unproven theorems troubling mathematicians. Mathematical societies have promised to reward anyone who solves them. The question is: who will pocket the money if an AI solves equations? The person who made it?


It might sound quixotic, but AI can improve the standard of education to an incredible level. Moreover, it is entirely safe to say that AI is not unsafe for the world and it is perfectly wise to say that AI will change it.

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