How Many Earths Can Be Placed Inside the Sun? [Working Calculation]

Sun is the roundest object we know. Our earth is an oblate spheroid. I’m worried this might leave a lot of space wasted if we simply drop earths inside the sun. In fact, you can draw more circles inside a circle than you can draw rectangles. Or, any other shaped object.

To avoid any wastage of space, we can create earth-powder. All we have to do is flatten the earth with a hydraulic press and then beat it with a hammer until it’s in a powder form. The Thor will be at work.

You see our earth is made up of iron, aluminum, silicon, and nickel. We also have calcium, oxygen, and magnesium. It’s going to be crazy.

Adding everything, the mass of our earth becomes 5.972×10^24 kilograms. It’s 6.6 sextillion tons. The mass of a car is maximum 2000 kilograms. When the cars are recycled, we crush them with a giant MAC portable crusher and it takes 45 seconds to do it.

We use the same thing to crush our earth, we see that it’s gonna take about 850 years. That’s all right.

I’m gonna make it 900 because not everything in the earth has the same density. Moreover, the density of the earth and the sun are also different. We just cannot ignore pascal’s law.

Now, we are almost done.

The volume of our earth is 1.08×10^21 cubic meters.

The volume of the sun is 1.4×10^27 cubic meters.

We can fit 1.2 million earths inside the sun. It will take 900 years.

And, just so we are here, we can drop 4 million suns inside a black hole and it’ll digest all of them.

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