There was something peculiarly pleasant about that morning. I opened the window to take in the bracing morning breeze which seemed to be fused with my favourite fragrance. I felt an abrupt urge to stand there and relish the serene breeze.

But I couldn’t please my urge as I was already late for work. I have always been a great enthusiast of the aesthetics of nature.But this time I had to submit to the brevity of time.

I did everything in a haste coping up with the fleeting time. I rushed downstairs and almost fell but somehow balanced myself.

The moment I opened the main door I was dumbstruck. There stood a six feet tall figure in front of me staring deep into my eyes.The first thing which I noticed after his gleamy captivating eyes was the letter in his hand.

God! He knows me so well. I was never a materialistic person and he knew I’d always prefer a handwritten proposal letter instead of a fancy card or an expensive diamond ring.

Instead of kneeling down he stood there right in front of me and started reading the letter, each word piercing into my heart likean arrow shot from a crossbow. Those words were like a summon to all my blood. My body was benumbed to everything around me I could only sense the vehemence behind his words. His voice was the icing on the cake.

I went to a trance-like state. I came back to my senses when he uttered his last sentence and a profound silence prevailed signalling the arrival of the time for the most awaited answer- the answer to his splendid sorcery of words.

That one syllable word was not that easy to say as I’ve always felt. Reliving all our happy moments and the intensity of his words I finally mustered up the courage to say ‘Yes’.

“Ma’am you forgot your bouquet in the cab”, a voice squealed from behind, handing me the bouquet of freesias.

Wiping off my tears I placed his favourites flowers and a ‘Happy Anniversary’ note on his grave.

Flashbacks are illusionary, aren’t they?

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