The Launch of Huawei Maps Will Change Everything

Huawei is leaving no stone upturned to capture the market. After the Huawei vs Trump debate that it works on behalf of Chinese government, it is all set to become a hot topic once again. This time, Huawei maps is the hot topic.

Huawei is now all set to reveal its own mapping service called Map Kit. Likely to launch this October, it’s going to compete with none other than Google maps. It will support over 40 languages. And, we are stunned. Who would have thought even Google maps could have a competition, and that too Huawei maps. Holy smokes.

What Does Huawei Maps Have to Offer?

Huawei Maps showing the implementation of augmented reality.

To separate itself from Google maps, Huawei map kit is going to implement augmented reality at its finest. Google had launched its augmented reality feature last year in August that would enable you to just point out your camera towards the street and it will highlight the arrows and names of shops and buildings.

On the other hand, Huawei could advance it by including additional details like the availability of the certain shop—at what time does it close and at what time it opens—and information about buildings, restaurants, and universities. In short, Huawei map announcement might become a tough competition.

Huawei Maps Kit and Real-Time Recognition

Google has almost earned a 9/10 when it comes to generating real-time traffic updates. Therefore, it would be fascinating to see what new Huawei has to offer. A report from NDTV revealed that Huawei will have its own unique street navigation system which will differ from google maps in certain ways. Google often takes you to longer routes due to its algorithm based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Huawei AI will learn from a huge chunk of data set taken from local mapping service. And, it is likely to improve over the certain period of time as it has partnered with Russian internet service called Yandex. And, yes—Yandex map is a thing.

Devices and Support

Even though, Huawei’s mapping service will be first available for developers, the end-users will eventually experience it. This is because developers will be able to integrate it with apps and websites where you often see google maps. Huawei map kit will available on both Android and iOS applications. Developers will be able to see the source code or not is still unclear. It is a major element of security.

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After the controversy and its forfeiture from Google Android licensing program, Huawei map kit is a big move. As the famous Chinese’s OS Hogmeng was launched in August only, Huawei mapping service might make its own names with the operating system currently available in Chine. And, we are excited. Are you?

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