Prime Minister’s Visit To Sabarmati is One Perfect Example of Irony

Prime minister will visit Sabarmati Ashram on 150th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

He shows that he loves Gandhi. Why wouldn’t he? It benefits him in many ways. For instance, Gandhi is known for his non-violence, and that also shows him as a peace-loving person. Since Gandhi wanted Congress party to abolish after independence, he can also use it to dismantle Congress, which is why he even went on to call himself his “inheritor”.

Kancha Ilahi from the Week wrote there are two other reasons behind it.

  • Gandhi was born in Gujrat (so was the prime minister).
  • They both are Baniyas.

This makes sense. Sardar Vallabai Patel was also a Gujrati. And see, he took 2,989 crore to become a statue.

Mahatma Gandhi saw India as a vegetarian nation. “Milk is an animal product and cannot by any means be included in a strictly vegetarian diet,” he had said in a monogram.

The irony is, he was against lynchings in the name of cow protection. “It is violence, not non-violence to prevent someone from eating the food he likes to eat … Also, it is not religion but want of it, to kill a Muslim brother in order to save a cow,” Gandhi had said.

It seems that prime minister does express his love for Mahatma Gandhi, but his party seems to do everything that he opposes. It is ironic when he mentions Gandhi in his speech (not Rahul Gandhi, which is economically, technologically, and socially progressive).

We have witnessed over 88 reported incidents of lynchings in the name of cow over the past several years. From Mohammed Akhlaq to Pehlu Khan, their culprits are roaming freely. Some of them even attended a rally of BJP’s Yogi Adityanath.

BJP’s Minister Trivendra Singh Rawa is the latest person to claim that cow both inhales and exhales Oxygen. And, UP government has declared the budget of 600 crore just for cow protection.

BJP is pro-cow in every sense, even if it costs money, science, or logic. Why doesn’t it follow Gandhi when it comes to human lives?

There are times when it is hard to differentiate between irony and hypocrisy.

Ahmad Khan

I have no blood in my veins. I have ink.

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