Supporting BJP Is Not A Choice

Supporting BJP is no more a political orientation. It’s not a choice. It’s either a mistake—I hope it is—or an unsympathetic act.

If you support BJP—unmistakably—you lack empathy.

Your kindness is selective.

The helpless scream of innocent people who its goons lynch doesn’t haunt you. White lies don’t offend you. You’re unaffected by the propaganda of hate that it has spread. Violence is okay to you.

You don’t believe that dissents must have a voice. The freedom of expression—in the true sense—is unimportant to you. You don’t care about the power of ideas. You’re happy to believe in fake news. It doesn’t hurt your self-respect to become a mere vote bank.

You don’t care about Dalits, Adivasi, and tribes. You don’t care if they enter a university and beat its students. You don’t care if they kidnap professors and imprison them for no reason. You don’t care if they drag you out of your home for writing a few lines on social media.

You are okay to see journalists, comedians, actors, and who not to receive death threats for doing their work. You are okay to let anyone define you based on which celebrity you like or which cricket team you support.

Supporting BJP is no more a choice. It’s simply digging a hole that you yourself are going to fall in. Today it’s someone else. Tomorrow, it will be you.

~ Ahmad

Ahmad Khan

I have no blood in my veins. I have ink.

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