The Subtle Art Of Not Ruining Conversations

Let’s not talk about stars and horoscopes. Let’s not talk about love and heartbreak. Let’s not talk about global warming and its consequences. Let’s not talk about politics and cricket. Let’s not talk about technology and advancements.

Let’s talk about me. You know, I’ve bought a new pen. It costed five rupees. It seemed to have improved my handwriting.

Let’s not talk about I and my pen. Let’s talk about you.

When was the last time you weren’t able to buy a shirt because you were broke? When was the last time you felt like punching your friend in the face as you get their call at 2 AM? When was the last time you laughed in an emotional situation? When was the last time you spent the entire night in listening a single song? When was the last time you didn’t get extra mayonnaise when having momos?

Let’s not talk about you. Let’s talk about her. My world. You know she forgot to add sugar in her coffee and blamed me for not reminding her. I felt loved.

Let’s not talk about she and the sugar. Let’s talk about him. My father. You know, he got troubled in searching his specs to read the newspaper. I felt sad.

Let’s not talk about he and the newspaper. Let’s talk about them. You know a policeman slapped as they tried to bribe him. I felt contented.

Let’s not talk about they and the bribe. Let’s talk about the universe. Let’s talk about relativity and the doppelgänger theory. Let’s talk about Aristotle and Charlie Chaplin. Let’s talk about X. Let’s talk about Y. Let’s talk about Z.

Let’s talk. Let’s not stay silent. Let’s not make each other feel disconnected. Communication, it is the most important tool to stay alive.

Ahmad Khan

I have no blood in my veins. I have ink.

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