Written by Anjan Irom, and published by Evincepub Publishing is a romance and slice of life novel filled with college experiences and the adulthood that comes after it. It consisted of 236 pages and a total of 24 chapters. The book will be a finish read in one sitting If you are already on the edge of your seat pondering the characters’ fates. The story is about Ivaan, a new B-Tech freshman starting on T.S.S Institute of Management and Technology with his lifelong buddies, bro-for-life Samuel and Barbie-man Valpui. Living the college dream, meeting along the way the spunky Jian and the enemy-turned-to-lover Chrysavyi. He narrates his college life to very epic fail first day until the end of college while going into the grip of adulthood.

Like anyone who experiences school life, it is hard to put away the expectation of finding romance on it. Ivaan captures the hopeless romantic that everyone can relate to when they had their first love. It is the girl he deemed with contempt. She is a reminder of the humiliation he endured.. It was a rough first impression and the possibility of getting to know each other is slim. However, we could never knew what can ever happen until Ivaan met his perceived enemy on an organized social event by the student union. 

Anjan Irom’s writing is simple and precise. He did not delve too much in the details nor he took the plain writing route. His words crafted effortlessly Ivaan thoughts that any reader might think the author is Ivaan himself. His college life is indeed realistic in terms of real life. No one in the right mind might say that his degree is an easy ride to higher education. It takes guts to tell that sometimes college is redundant and boring.

There is still another side of college anyone who went love, it is the college dream. The parties and the social events that imprinted to the young minds in their lifetimes. His best friends are full of life and entertaining to read however they are might be too interesting to my taste more than the main character himself. The only friend that strike me more than any character in this book is the BM, in short for Barbie-Man Valpui. His antics and humor just brings more depth in the book and keeps me entertained throughout the reading process. I can say that Ivaan characterization is giving more growth so I think that the main character developed gradually until his point of adulthood. 

When I read the book, I closely paid attention to Jian and Chrysavyi. I predicted that there might be tension between those two to have the famous so-called third party problem every romance book I have read. I am glad that it did not happen and the troupe slowly goes to trash. I just got surprised with another troupe, I have seen in those popular books. 

Perhaps, Anjan is inspired in those stories that he might get his own idea of the ending there.It ends subverted to the original thinking of a happy ending. It is not a happy ending a reader would want, however I am amazed that the Ivaan got his own struggles to tackle on. Something other love stories lack of. This just make the story sensible as possible, filling the book into our perceived reality more. It is not an air-head love book where someone got redemption or they just got into together again. Some parts of the book might seem too romantic for me, mind you, I am still a teen however I just do not get my peers who is into it. But I digress, it is a romantic book and shockingly made by a man. It still fallen into my taste buds as too sweet. 

Anyone who is a hopeless romantic and a sweet tooth will enjoy this book. I would highly recommend it to the ones who likes to experience the college life before going to it or the ones who graduated. This is one for you, this suitable in young ages that are still in their late teens until early twenties. I really wanted to bring Anjan in the narrative and his publishing Evincepub. They created an entertaining content that can make everyone vow undying love fearlessly. 

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