What Getting Bullied Taught Me

I got bullied in my school.

There was a time when it would be nightmarish for me to think of going school. I’d take hours to do my hair and iron my clothes. In fact, I’d rehearse the way I’d behave that day–walking without fumbling, talking without eating words and facing bullies without exposing that I’m scared.

However, all my attempts would turn into a failure.

Some girls would always laugh at me because bullies (one of them might be reading it) would either push me or tap over my head and walk away. Sometimes, I would become a laughing spot because my water bottle’s colour was pink and my blazer was oversized. Other, it would just be out of boredom.

Going to a convent college from an ordinary school is hard. You go into a completely different environment. From a bunch of innocent people, I reached in the midst of elitists. Therefore, a first few years were difficult. By the passage of time, I learned to protect myself and what now seems like a mere memory, passed by.

At the present moment, I love what I study in my college, and I make a little money by doing what I love. I’m grateful for what I’ve and also for what I don’t have. Most importantly, I’m not writing all this to tell my achievements or complain what went wrong in my past.

I’m writing it because I just want you to believe that you can outgrow anything or anyone that happens to you in life. You just have to work hard and believe in yourself. At times, you may lose hope and feel devastated. It’s obvious. But it gets fine. Please keep holding on to your fights and keep trying to make yourself better. No one else does it for you.

Ahmad Khan

I have no blood in my veins. I have ink.

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