Why I Assassinated Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse

1. The book starts with addressing Hindus as Hindus and Muslims as civilians. It continuous throughout the book.

2. Wherever Godse mentions Pakistan, he says their (Muslims’) Pakistan and our India.

3. He was against the tri-color flag. According to him, our national flag should have been the saffron flag – the “Bhagva Dhwaj”.

4. He wanted Vande-Mataram to be the national anthem of India. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t agree. Hence, the anger.

5. He wanted Hindi to be India’s national language. Being a critic of Hindustani, he calls Urdu the language of bastards. Mahatma Gandhi again opposed it.

6. He used to run a daily newspaper called “Hindu Rashtra”. The newspaper was directed to promote Hindutva in every major aspect.

7. In almost every chapter, he says country is above justice. There is NO reasoning required when you’re doing something for your country. Everything is justified if done in the name of nationalism.

8. Godse was a well-read and politically aware man. One of the posts of Franklin Veaux says education isn’t the solution where ignorance isn’t the problem. It fits the best here.

9. According to him, killing Mahatma Gandhi was a service to the nation as he was a pro-Muslim and a anti-Hindu. He thought Hinduism will stay in danger unless India will functions solely on its values.

10. While reading the book, for a moment, I thought I was reading BJP’s manifesto for 2019 elections and listening to all their spokesmen together.

Well, it’s no surprise that they address Godse as Godse ji.

Ahmad Khan

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